I fix myself with burns and stitches. My work is a product of the relationships and interactions of my life. By turning memories into spectacle, I make a space to explore the discomfort of touch.

Sewing until my fingers are swollen and blistered. Quiet violence laced with a bit of humor joins, as a way to confront my own fragility as a person. The feelings of only ever wanting to be equal with other people manifest, by taking control of the objects around me, to fill the void left by past relationships. Repeatedly switching between meditative, therapeutic, and self-punishment behavior, I create rituals that speak to unseen labor and tenderness of my past. 

Found and fabricated combine in uncanny intimacies that engage with desire, and open a dialog about contemporary femininity, consent, power, and accessibility. A confrontation between arousal and partial discomfort, the suppression of desire into labor, and the excitement/guilt that grows from the tension.