My work leaves a space for people to fill. By turning my memories into spectacle, I create a catalyst to address the discomfort people have with connection. With the use of domestic materials, I join found and fabricated in uncanny intimacies, opening a dialogue about consent and autonomy. This work masquerades as a series of seemingly misguided attempts to connect with people, all the while deliberately getting people to reflect on their pre-constructed biases. Like veneer, my work conceals its deeper, and at times, darker meanings.

Quiet violence laced with a bit of humor remains ever present in my work, as a way to confront my own fragility as a person.  The want to be needed, used, remembered paired with playful, tempting and lonely thoughts are felt by all.  These feelings then manifest, by taking control of the objects around me, to fill the void left by past relationships. Through repetitive use and tedious behavior, I create rituals that speak to unseen labor that is the underbelly of domestic life.

By creating surrogate household objects I pervert expectations to blur the boundaries between public and private. With the absence of a figure and the sense of familiarity, the audience is propelled to participate and insert themselves into the pieces. This work is the reflection of me walking through my own past relationships while also leaving room for the viewer to do the same, to establish a sense of connection.